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VAT-Reg.: DK 3612 8682

SELCHAU CONSULT is offering professional advice, guidance and assessment in relation to both application procedures, contractual arrangements and infringement of intellectual rights within the “green” sector, i.e. Plant Novelties, Plant Patents, Trade Marks, Design and Utility Patents.

SELCHAU CONSULT is offering its services World Wide, either directly or through long existing relations with local partners, who are specialized in the particular field.

SELCHAU CONSULT is fully independent from commercial interests and consequently, we are able to offer objective advise to Holders of Rights.

SELCHAU CONSULT is not an attorney office and consequently, Information and opinions are not meantto be legal advice, but an expert opinion, based on 30+ years experience as Plant Breeders’ Rights and Trade Mark agent.
Registered Trade Mark & Design Attorney with the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

For further details, please contact Jörgen H. Selchau